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The solution to get rid of flies naturally and without using chemicals!

Fly repellent
Effective, silent and ecofriendly fly repellent.
It is light, slim and does not take up much space. Perfect for camping, barbecues...
Modern design
It integrates perfectly into the decoration thanks to its modern and elegant design.

About Aircoblade

Thanks to flexible blades with reflective holographic dots, it keeps flies and other flying insects away from any place.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic to health: Aircoblade is environmentally friendly, as it does not pollute and is not harmful to health.
  • Lightweight, portable and very easy to use: Aircoblade is battery operated and requires no wires or plugs.
  • Totally safe for pets and the youngest members of the family. The rotating blades are made of soft plastic that is painless to the touch.
100% Safe, long battery life and portable! Perfect for barbecues and camping.

Main advantages:

No more flies
No more flies near the food!
100% safe
Stops if something touches it and as soon as the obstacle is removed, it continues to work.
Versatile and adaptable
Very easy to use and effective both indoors and outdoors.
No cables or plugs
No need for cables or plugs, so it can be easily transported.
Easy to use
Just switch on the Aircoblade and its flexible blades will scare away annoying flies.
The perfect gift
The perfect gift for family and friends.


Is it wired or battery operated?
This fly swatter is powered by two AA batteries.
How big is it?
The approximate dimensions are: 7.5 x 25.5 x 7.5 cm.
Does it make a lot of noise?
No, it's very quiet and you'll hardly notice it's on.
Does it work outdoors?
Yes, it is perfect both indoors and outdoors, integrating perfectly into the décor due to its modern and elegant design.
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