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No more flies near the food!
Modern, elegant, silent and chemical-free design
100% Safe, long battery life and portable! Perfect for barbecues and camping.
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Did you know that flies "vomit" on food when they land on it?

Many times at home we notice that there are flies or mosquitoes, especially in the kitchen or in the garden, and that they are really annoying if we want to eat or drink something quietly.

No more flies

100% safe

Versatile and adaptable

No cables or plugs

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Is it wired or battery operated?
This fly swatter is powered by two AA batteries.
How big is it?
The approximate dimensions are: 7.5 x 25.5 x 7.5 cm.
Does it make a lot of noise?
No, it's very quiet and you'll hardly notice it's on.
Does it work outdoors?
Yes, it is perfect both indoors and outdoors, integrating perfectly into the décor due to its modern and elegant design.